(REUTERS/Mike Segar) Whether it is running, swimming, weight lifting or aerobics, fitness experts say the center of all exercise routines is the core – the abdominal, back and muscles around the pelvis – which is the seat of stability, strength and power. Adding in exercise routines to strengthen the core can help the runner go faster, the basketball player jump higher and the everyday exerciser more easily do routine tasks from loading the car to cleaning the tub. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT “The core is everything except for arms, legs and head,” said Daniel Taylor, gorden rumah co-author with Greg Brittenham of the new book “Conditioning to the Core.” It is the mainstay of the body, according to Taylor, who is the head strength and conditioning coach at Siena College in upstate New York. “People need to get away from saying ‘I’m going to do abs today’ and take a larger view,” said Taylor, whose book contains more than 300 exercises, ranging from planks, squats and lunges to medicine ball and kettlebell throws presented in progressive routines. “A lot of times people get stuck in one or two routines and get good at them,” he said.

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Think you can embody all that is The Dude or pull off wearing shades as cool as Elwood? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more details on our movie costume contests. Friday Flicks on The Lawn kicks off the fourth Friday of each month and will begin at 8 p.m. Enjoy the following movie features: Friday, August 22: The Blues warna gorden elegan Brothers 8PM Friday, September 26: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion 8PM Friday, October 24: Ghostbusters 8PM A New Way to do Happy Hour Games on the Green Its time to loosen that tie and slip on some flats as GreenStreet presents one of its most distinctive events this year Games on the Green on Thursday, August 21 from 5-8PM.

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They hope races scheduled for noon Wednesday and Thursday also will go off without any trouble. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and there has never been three cancellations of horse racing, state fair race manager Jim Hannon said Monday. So far we’re keeping our fingers crossed. I’m looking at the track right now.

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Her husband, Mike, suggested it. “He’s a thoughtful guy, so I’m sure he didn’t do it just for selfish reasons,” says a chuckling Ritzman, anticipating the reaction. “I had two very young children and I needed some kind of activity.” She wanted something to help her get back in shape, something to give her a night out with other women, something that would be fun. “I soon realized it was more than that,” Ritzman says of pole dancing. “I makes me feel accomplished.